la familia wine club imageLa Familia Wine Club

Wanna join the Two Amigos La Familia Wine Club?

Aside from keeping Guido happy, why would I want to join La Familia?

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Save money! Club members get 15-20% on ALL wines, ALL the time!


There is nothing more civilized than having wine delivered to your door.

pick up party

We throw the most AWESOME Pick Up Parties at the winery.

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We encourage you to CUSTOMIZE your orders. We only ship 2 times a year! If you're a wine drinker, who DOESN'T drink at least one bottle a month?!?

club members

Invitations to exclusive La Familia member only events such as epic wine club cruises, winemaker dinners and more!

You are always encouraged to bring your family and friends to experience our unique complimentary Winery Tours and Tastings.

Choose which of our wine families you would like to join:

6 bottles

Vito Familia

You choose 6 wines 2 times a year and always enjoy a 15% discount.

Get 6 Bottles!
12 bottles

Guido Familia

Your choose 12 wines 2 times a year and always enjoy a 20% discount.

(Guido reminds you that a case of wine is only a 12 day supply!)

Get 12 Bottles!

It takes a long time to grow an old friend.